Grumpy Gary's


Grumpy Gary’s is the manufacturer and distributor of award-winning, natural, handcrafted hot sauces and is a 100% Australian, family owned business. After years of perfecting our recipes to match the tastebuds of every customer, we pride ourselves in bringing to you what you love. We love getting you excited about your food, and how our sauces can breathe life into even the most boring meals. ‘My passion for hot sauces would make me nearly blow up my kitchen over the weekends. On Mondays, my friends at work would always look forward to tasting some new sauce I had made. Then, someone asked me to make my Special Sauce for a weekend BBQ. Repeat requests followed. I would have sleepless nights 'till I had feedback'. After weeks and eventually months of him hogging the kitchen, visiting the weekend markets and perfecting his recipes based on customer feedback, the family began falling in love with what was soon going to represent us. Now it’s safe to say, it’s an obsession for us all.

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