Exit Brewing


Frase and Grum first met in 2000 working in IT in Melbourne. Having decided beer was the future, the next step was to come up with a brewery name. One day, Grum after much contemplation, emerged from the smallest room in the house declaring that he had a name, announcing "Exit". Frase was at this stage, slightly underwhelmed until Grum explained that as they were in IT and beer was a means of getting out of said IT shenanigans, that we would in fact be "ex-IT" people. So thus a brewery name was born. 
After moving in to the new brewery and having a much larger capacity we decided to bite the bullet and establish a core range of beers, but being Exit we put our own take on what a core range is, so we went with a West Coast style IPA, an American style Amber, a Milk Stout and a Belgian style Saison. At the end of 2017 we gave in & added a Pale Ale. We've continued to brew one off numbered batches alongside the core range as it gives us a chance of putting out a new variety of styles and stops us from getting bored. We've also got a small pilot system which allows us to brew one off keg and experiment a bit and to help us keep fresh.

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